Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt

Specifications :

Standard Size: 1000mm×500mm/ 1200mm×600mm/ 1000mm×1000mm

Max Size: 1480mm×1000mm

Standard Material: SUS316L, SUS304

The specific size could be made according to customer's requirement.

Product Introduction

Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Fiber Felt is made of extremely fine steel fiber (micron grade) by sintering in high temperature after special non-woven matching and laying.


SUS 316L, SUS 304 etc.

               Stainless Steel Slender Fiber         SS Metal Fiber Compare With Hair
0.45mm-0.55mm, 1mm with protected mesh. And other thickness could be produced by customers’ requirement.
Standard Size:
Max Size:
1480mm*1200mm or 1180mm*1500mm
Other size could be produced by customers’ requirement.

  Stainless Steel Fiber Felt  With One Layer

           SS Fiber Felt Intercalary  Support Mesh

Stainless Steel Fiber Felt With Only One Protective Layer

 Stainless Steel Fiber Felt With Protective Layers

Product Character :

1.High dirt holding capacity, high filtering accuracy, long replacement period;
2.High porosity ,excellent permeability,low pressure drop and large flow.
3.Corrosion and high temperature resistance of acid, alkali and organic solvent,pharmaceutical etc. Resistance , can be used under 600℃ for long time.
4.Easy to be processed and welded.
5.Special specifications are on request.
Technical Date:
Application For Sintered Metal Fiber Felt
Medium of Leaf filter disc and Gasket
Cylindercal Filter Element

Pleated Filter Element

 High Temperature Gas Filter Bag 


Manganese Powder Filter Cartridge Instead Of Filter Bag

KKF Automatic Backwashing Filtration

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