To be Brave and Proud–Guan River Drift Record

2016-01-23 12:19:39

The benevolent enjoy mountains, and the wise enjoy waters. Staying in the exhilarating scenery gives people a feeling of drift.

In order to fulfill the staffs’ spare time, arouse their teamwork enthusiasm and create a healthy culture atmosphere, Xinli Purification Co., Ltd organized a trip to Xixia, Nanyang for all staffs.  

Guan River drift scenic spot is a 4A national scenic spot, and it is located at the upstream of old Guan River in Xixia, 42km from the Xixia County. The 311 national road and Y48 provincial road go through this place. It forms a golden travel route with Longtan ditch waterfalls, Shuahai guan canyon, old Jieling scenic spot, etc. Old Guan River is not only the source of Dan River, but also the important water conservation area in upstream of middle route project of S – N water diversion. Its main stream is 254km and its drainage area covers 4,219km2. Its fall is 1340m, of which the fall of drift section is more than 480m. The drift section is 12km and it is the earliest to be explored, longest in drift length, most exciting and largest in scale in the central plains region, so it is called “No.1 Drift in Central Plains”.

This drift gave a deep impression to all people. On the bench land, the river was flowing fast and people could see many waves dancing; in the deep river, the water was very clear and the reflection in water was very beautiful. Our team had 46 members and every 5 or 6 people were divided into one group. Together with other visitors, we drifted down the stream one by one with the help of well trained protectors. Everyone enjoyed their journey very much. Of course, there was beautiful scenery along the route, such as “No.1 Bench Land of Guan River”, “Jiulong Bench Land”, the vivid “Lying Dragon”, “Emperor’s Chair”, 18 exciting bench lands like “Dancing Bench Land”, etc. We could play with water at the same time of feeling the fast waves. Everyone forgot the annoyance in the world when chasing each other in the afternoon sunshine and green water. On this river, one raft could support the travel of the whole river and one shout could reflect its heroic feeling. One bailer could splash the whole river’s passion and a period of chasing could hold everyone’s happiness. After all these activities, everyone turned to be a “drenched chicken”, but they all talked about the exciting “pouring memories” when they went ashore.   

The happiness in the drift was a precious memory, because it can help people get out of the mask of world and adult and make you forget time, status, age and annoyance in your real life. We may get a much more superficial feeling towards Guan River drift if we didn’t fall into the water. Lift is like drift, and it will always have big rise and fall. Everyone may get stuck sometime. It also works in our job: we are inevitably to make some mistakes. The important thing is to keep going after falling down and get some lessons after making mistakes, keeping the same mistakes away from us. Falling down should make us much stronger and stimulate us to make more achievements.

The whole activity was surrounded by a good atmosphere of unity, friendship, struggle and fighting, which shows the vigor and vitality of our staffs. The drift this time gave staffs a deeper impression about challenge and team. Everyone is aware that every success comes from each other’s encouragement and our own courage. For every member in a team, unity is the basis of success, and the power and wisdom of team is boundless.

Here I hope that all staffs have a happy work and happy life. Work is used to create a better life. We should not be troubled by life, so let’s work happily! Fighting, everybody! 


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