Sincerely look for a agent of SS sintered fiber felt in Maharashtra

2016-01-23 15:06:03

Because of strong demand for SS sintered fiber felt in India market, we are sincerely to look for a region agent in Maharashtra, the agent need to comply with the terms as below:

The company registered place in India, sell the relative product for three years above, be familiar with the features and application of SS sintered fiber felt, posses stable customer resource and mature distribution channel;

The contract period is one year,both parties can close the contract in advance or renew new contract through friendly negotiation ;

Annual sales volume is not lower than 1000 square, single order qty should be 100~200 square.The eligibility of exclusive agent will be canceled, if the selling target is not completed on the expiring day of one year;

The exclusive agent of SS sintered fiber felt will be awarded , as the contract comes into effect;

The detailed info about specific price,commission and freight etc can be discussed separately. 

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