Alumina roasting furnace renovation project

2023-11-21 18:14:47

Case: A 1350-ton alumina roasting furnace renovation project of an aluminum industrylimited company adopts the dust removal process of pure bag. The amount of flue gastreated is 380000m3/h, the dust concentration is less than 100g/m3, and the finalemission concentration is required to be less than 10mg/m3. The actual operation resultis that the pressure difference of the filter bag is less than 600pa, and the dustconcentrationis less than 10mg.

Project Unit Date
Flue Gas Purification Treatment Air Volume M3/h 380000
Inlet dust concentration g/m3 <100
Metal filter bag specifications mm OD130x6000/4000
Filter wind speed m/min <1.0
Cleaning pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
Flue gas temperature °C 160
Instantaneous maximum temperature °C ≤450
Filter bag resistance Pa Initial<500,finally<800
Filter bag life Year ≥5
Emission standards mg/m3 <5

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