Precision Filter


Petrochemical,pharmaceutical,food,textile,metallurgy,environmental protection industry etc.

Product Introduction

Product Introduction:

Precision filter is also called security guard filter which generally set at the front of the pressure vessel to remove fine particles so as to meet the requirements of water in subsequent processes. Sometimes, it also set at the end of the whole water treatment system to prevent the fine particles to flow into the water.


1. Optimal welding method, 100% no-leaks;

2. No secondary pollution;                                                          

3. High filter precision and uniform filtration aperture;

4. Low difference pressure, large flow, Long service life;

5. Easy to clean, filter element can be replace.

Product Parameter



CS、 304、 316、 316L、

Filter elements

Wire mesh 、 sintered fiber、  PP-W、 RO、 Wire wound、etc

Micron rate 


Max temperature

According to material of filter elements

Max pressure


Sealing type

RF 、 FF 、 MFM 、 TG

Sealing gasket 

NBR、 PTFE、 Viton、 Metal gasket、 Graphite gasket

Connection type

Flange、 Thread、 Quick card

Surface treatment 


Sprayed anticorrosive paint


Sand blasting or electric polished

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