Filter element for vacuum feeder

Vacuum feeder is a conveying equipment, in the operation process, the need for negative pressure pneumatic conveying to transport powder materials, an important part of the vacuum feeder is the filter element. The metal filter element has a higher service life and can be used multiple times after cleaning.
High quality and stable filter elements can save a certain cost, and can greatly improve work efficiency to ensure the smooth progress of production.Adapter: threaded, 222,226, etc

Product Introduction

Type:Vacuum Feeder Sintered Filter

Material:stainless steel sintered,304,316L

Length:220,410,600mm or custom.

Diameter:50,60mm or custom.

Filtration rate: 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,40,75um

Adapter: threaded, 222,226, etc

Features and advantages:
1. The filtration grade is high, and the precision of the pulverizing system directly affects the pulverizing efficiency. Be sure to choose the power according to the particle size, otherwise the powder material enters the vacuum pump, causing the vacuum pump failure or directly into the atmosphere.
2. The filtration area can be customized. The filtration area of the conveying system directly affects the stability of the powder feeding system. The design that does not match the ventilation area is easy to cause the clogging and dust removal of the conveying equipment, and even the combustion of the vacuum pump.
3. High corrosion resistance, the use of air is the stability of the entire production system, and high temperature and corrosion resistance are selected according to the characteristics of the material. The food industry must use food grade filters.
4. Not easy to fall off, no foreign matter. The unified production process directly affects the operation of the whole system. Regardless of whether the production process is strictly controlled, when using the powder conveying system, foreign matter or automatic shedding is strictly prevented.

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